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Hamilton-Madison House is a voluntary, non-profit settlement house dedicated to improving the quality of life of its community, primarily those in the Two Bridges/Chinatown area of Manhattan's Lower East Side. The neighborhood is a federally designated poverty area, with a constantly changing mixture of ethnic groups, and lack of adequate services and resources.

Since its establishment in 1898, Hamilton-Madison House has been a part of the settlement house movement in New York City that has pioneered the development and protection of humane policies and programs. These efforts have fostered social well-being among our most vulnerable populations: children, the elderly, the ill, handicapped, new immigrants, refugees and the unemployed. Our unique professional experience in working with Asian Americans has led to the expansion of services citywide.

The House speaks the many languages of the community, promotes understanding and cooperation among the ethnic groups, and is attuned to their changing needs. It encourages the sharing of resources and responsibilities through the active participation of every segment of the community. Although unable to solve every problem, Hamilton-Madison House continually challenges itself and the community to address current issues.