Among the largest and longest-running programs for NYC’s Chinese American seniors and many others, City Hall Older Adult Center (City Hall) is an engaging and enjoyable place for adults over age 60. Come and find out yourself! 

耆英會是纽约市為美國华裔及其他族裔老年人服務最具規模,歷史悠久的長者中心,是一个吸引 60 岁以上成年人享受生活,頤養天年的地方。快来了解一下。

City Hall serves daily nutritious meals and offer an exciting variety of activities. In addition, the Center provides bilingual social services and support.  Should you need information about senior benefits or resources for seniors in your community, our friendly staff will be glad to help!


For over 70 years, City Hall has been  a model for high-quality, high-volume, culturally and linguistically appropriate services and activities.  Our mission is to promote wellness, lifelong learning & independence and to prevent and combat social isolation and economic insecurity among older adults age 60.  At our core, we  believe all older New Yorkers deserve to age with dignity in their own community.​

70 多年来,耆英會一直是高质量、高容量、文化和语言相适应的服務和活動的典范。我们的使命是促进健康、终身學习和獨立,并防止和消除 60 岁以上老年人的社會孤立和經濟不安全感。我们的核心是,我们相信所有纽约老年人都应该在自己的社區里有尊严地养老。

COVID-19: In response to the pandemic and following NYC DFTA and DOHMH guidelines, our center offers daily meal program in the forms of dine-in and Grab & Go options.  In person and virtual activities are provided to allow social distancing while ensuring that participants remain active and connected.  
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Look forward to seeing you soon at our center~

COVID-19:为了應对大流行并遵循纽约市老人局和精神健康局指南,我们的中心目前已開放以及提供堂食和領取外帶模式恢复我们的膳食計畫。活動于中心和在线同時进行,以保持社交距离,同时确保参與者保持活躍和聯繫,中心目前亦致力于開放更多適當安全的活動。 如有任何問題以及預約社工服務,請打212-788-5580或電郵 與我们的双语工作人员聯繫。敬請留意我們耆英的微信公衆號上的更新通知。(下載微信軟件,然後掃二維碼. 加入我们的微信群)   希望在中心見到您!

City Hall’s array of programs and services are vital, including social services, fresh, nutritious and culturally appropriate meals in a social atmosphere and a wide variety of educational, recreational, arts, technology and health promotion activities groups.


For enrolled members, check out our calendar & newsletter to view our regular weekly activities available for the following:


Continuum of Care and Wellness program 

  • Physical health exercise and fitness activities: Ping pong, TaiChi, StayWell, walking club, Zumba, Aerobic, social dance and square dance 
  • Evidence based programs: help members better manage chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or arthritis.
  • Health management workshop 


  • 身体健康锻炼和健身活动:乒乓球,太極,健身操,森巴舞,健走,有養舞蹈,社交舞,廣場舞。
  • 循证計畫:帮助会员更好地做慢性病状况管理,例如高血压、糖尿病或关节炎。
  • 健康講座

Empowering and lifelong learning activity 

  • Technology programs:  computer class, Ipad/tablet class, Smart phone class, computer lab, WIFI throughout center
  • Photography class and gallery
  • ESL and Citizenship class
  • Library with daily Chinese newspaper provided, collaboration with local NYC library


  • 技術方面:電腦課,平板電腦課,智能手機課,電腦室,無線上網覆蓋整個中心。
  • 攝影課及作品展
  • 英語課和入籍英文課
  • 与纽约当地图书馆合作,图书馆提供每日中文报纸和中文書籍。

Arts and Cultural clubs

  • Chorus
  • Mahjong and Chinese Chess
  • Chinese Opera
  • Calligraphy
  • Chinese painting
  • Paper folding
  • Karaoke
  • Traditional dance​
  • Art gallery


  • 合唱
  • 麻將和中國象棋
  • 京劇
  • 書法
  • 中國畫
  • 摺紙手工藝
  • 卡拉OK
  • 民族舞
  • 藝術展

Social events ​社交活动

Holiday and Cultural celebrations, Annual four tournament competition, Heritage Months events, Birthday parties and trips


Social Services 社會服务
Bilingual Social workers and trained volunteers provides one on one information, advocacy, and support to empower older adults to know their eligibility and rights to benefits and to further obtain the support needed for them to lead an independent and sustainable lifestyle. Our Social Service Program provides case assistance along with information and referrals to older adults to foster access in healthcare, housing and other senior benefits and entitlements.

  • Assistance in obtaining entitlement benefits
  • Referrals for long-term care planning, homebound meals, housing options and legal services
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Supportive counseling: To make an appointment with our Mental Health Counselor please email

双语社工和训练有素的志愿者提供一对一的信息、宣傳和支持,使老年人能够了解他们获得福利的资格和權利,并进一步获得他们過上独立和可持续生活方式所需的支持。 我们的社會服务計畫为老年人提供個案援助以及信息和轉介,以促进他们获得医疗保健、住房和其他老年人福利和權利。

  • 协助获得应享福利
  • 長期护理計畫、居家膳食、住房選擇和法律服务的轉介。
  • 危機干預
  • 支持性諮詢:要与我们的心理健康顾问預約,請發送电子郵件至


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City Hall Older Adult Center 耆英會

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Please check our program pages for phone numbers and email addresses.

​​Serving downtown NYC since 1898

Joanne Chu, MA

City Hall Senior Center
100 Gold Street - LL

New York, NY 10038

T: (212) 788-5580​


​​​We serve community members over the age of 60, and their spouses. Wifi is available throughout the center for our members to use.  Membership provides unlimited free access to our programs and resources at the center. Please visit us and sign up for membership during sign-up hours 10am-2pm, Monday to Friday.

我们为 60 岁以上的社区成员及其配偶提供服务。 整个中心都提供無線上網供我们的會员使用。 會员可以无限制地免费访问我们在中心的活動和资源。 请在周一至周五上午 10 点至下午 2 点的註册时间访问我们并註冊成为會员。

For more CHOAC information or join our mailing list and volunteer team, please call

(212) 788-5580 or email us at 

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Volunteers are Welcome! 歡迎有興趣的義工加入我們!

Looking forward to seeing you at our center. 期待在我們中心見到您。

City Hall Older Adult Center is funded by the New York City Department for the Aging.